For the alignment of pre-printed labels, VWS International has developed the LA400 labelling system. These systems can be equipped with a (simple) dispenser plate or advanced blow-apply system for applying labels to various products.

  • Alignment of pre-printed labels
  • Driven by stepper motor
  • Label size ‘wipe’ min. 20 x 20 mm (w x l)
  • Label size ‘blow’ min. 35 x 35 mm (w x l)
  • Label size max. 120 x 120 mm (w x l)
  • Label roll diameter max. 300 mm
  • Core diameter label roll 40 mm or 76 mm
  • Dispenser plate or advanced blow-apply system for alignment of labels
  • Clear terminal for easy operation
  • Fork photocell for label detection
  • Sensor for product detection
  • RH or LH edition

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